I think this could be useful for generating discussion about the freedom of expression. Do we really have a right to say whatever mean and hateful things we want to others? If, even as he seems to admit, we don’t have a moral right to do so, then why should we have a constitutional right to do so? Should we amend the Constitution to allow for restrictions on at least some kinds of hateful and hurtful speech? As noted in Chapter 6 of my textbook, this is a questions that divides liberals. The ACLU-wing says (along with libertarians and conservatives) that the only acceptable response to speech we dislike is to counter it with more free speech. Restricting speech we dislike, simply because we dislike it (or find it hurtful or hateful), is unacceptable. The other wing accepts the international human rights standard, which says freedom of speech must be balanced with respect for human dignity. Speech that is degrading is unworthy of legal protection. (One suspects that MLK, Jr. might have agreed with this, by the way.) 

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