Confronting Deep Fakes and Other Forms of Deception

How can truth prevail in an information environment flooded with deception, including now deep fakes? The reporter in this video segment suggests (1) check the source and (2) Google it. This parallels what I see as the two most essential skills citizens need for navigating today’s incredibly complex information environment. First, they need to be […]

Two Videos of State Legislative Speeches that Can Provoke Discussion of Religious Freedom and Discrimination

‘Senators, I’m asking you, put the stones down, and let’s trust the women who are in this room.’ — This pastor used a Bible story to speak out against a law that would ban early-term abortions in her state — NowThis (@nowthisnews) March 27, 2019 State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz prayed for Trump and insisted […]

Government-Led Democratic Participation Reforms: Lessons from Brazil’s Experience?

If, in a unit on Political Participation, you like discussing the potential for government-led reform efforts to increase democratic participation, you could discuss recent experiences in Brazil as demonstrating both the promise and shortcomings of such efforts. Link to article Link to US Civitas Facebook Discussion Thread

A useful case study for discussing civil liberties: Nurse refuses blood test on unconscious patient; gets cuffed

This incident can be used to illustrate a lot of core concepts, including government use of force; rule of law / limited government / constitutional government / securing rights; separation of powers; and the Fourth Amendment. Link to article Link to US Civitas Facebook Discussion Thread

Article for Discussion: Is “Kneeling for Life and Liberty … Patriotic”?

I personally agree with this argument, but I think this is a useful for teaching even if for those who don’t agree with it. Among other things, it shows how the Declaration of Independence can serve to set the terms of debate in American politics and delineate between that which is acceptable and unacceptable. It can […]