Prompting Empirical and Normative Discussion of Low Youth Voter Turnout

This Slate article by Jamelle Bouie offers an interesting empirical account of why youth vote at lower levels and also an interesting claim about the legitimacy of voting when uninformed about issues. Two factors are offered for explaining low turnout among youth: instability experienced by many under 25 at that stage of life and a lack […]

Blog Post: How U.S. News college rankings promote economic inequality on campus

There’s a lot to think about here regarding the big picture on higher education and its intersection with politics. GSU is put in a favorable light. I’m trying to figure out if I agree were are doing “literally the thing America needs all of higher education to do.” But the statistics are fascinating, and important […]

Article for Discussion: Is “Kneeling for Life and Liberty … Patriotic”?

I personally agree with this argument, but I think this is a useful for teaching even if for those who don’t agree with it. Among other things, it shows how the Declaration of Independence can serve to set the terms of debate in American politics and delineate between that which is acceptable and unacceptable. It can […]