A useful case study for discussing civil liberties: Nurse refuses blood test on unconscious patient; gets cuffed

This incident can be used to illustrate a lot of core concepts, including government use of force; rule of law / limited government / constitutional government / securing rights; separation of powers; and the Fourth Amendment. Link to article Link to US Civitas Facebook Discussion Thread

Blog Post: Waltzing towards the 2020 census: the need for bipartisan public action

Here is non-partisan issue we can encourage our students to take action on. Congress is currently not fulfilling its constitutional duty to prepare for the 2020 census. BTW, this blog, which is based on Cynthia and Sanford Levinson’s book “Fault Lines in the Constitution,” is a wonderful resource for anyone teaching the Constitution. Sanford wrote […]

Article: Libertarianism’s Historical Blindspot

This is an interesting criticism of American libertarianism, written by a libertarian, regarding its historical blind spot (at best) about the unfree condition of African Americans (both during and after the time of legal slavery). I think a lot of what Levy writes here is useful to keep in mind when teaching American government, particularly […]

Article: The fuzziness of the establishment clause in practice

The decision to have Rev. Billy Graham lie in honor at the Capitol has raised questions about the contemporary meaning and purpose of the Establishment Clause. This article discusses that briefly, while also providing a brief discussion of how religion in American society has changed over the last sixty years. An excellent book on that […]