Here is non-partisan issue we can encourage our students to take action on. Congress is currently not fulfilling its constitutional duty to prepare for the 2020 census.

BTW, this blog, which is based on Cynthia and Sanford Levinson’s book “Fault Lines in the Constitution,” is a wonderful resource for anyone teaching the Constitution. Sanford wrote a book entitled Our Undemocratic Constitution, and is a leading proponent of the idea that much of our political dysfunction has its roots in design flaws in the Constitution. Cynthia is an education scholar focused on civic education. The books (Our Undemocratic Constitution and Fault Lines) and this blog encourage us to teach the Constitution from a critical perspective that counteracts the tendency for blind veneration in our political culture. Their approach is a stimulating way to get students thinking about the Constitution; the impact of institutional design; and the possibilities for, and obstacles to, exercising popular sovereignty. 

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